While our President, Mr. Rodriguez Zapatero, defended in a Geneva forum the abolition of the death penalty throughout the world, the Spanish Senate approved with a minimal majority, the Law on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Voluntary interruption of pregnancy: Aido law or abortion law. While the first effort seems laudable, since no life is in hands of the man, even if its elimination would be protected by the law, or even the life of terrorists or murderers; the second one established the abortion as a «right”. I do not understand as great disparity of criteria: we must not condemn to death to any criminal, no matter how repulsive and cruel have been their crimes, but thousands of innocent children can die without having been born, only by the decision of their mothers. I do not think that it will cause more abortions than we currently have, since the permissiveness in the previous act was so much, that the abortion was practically free, because there was always an unscrupulous doctor that practiced it. That meant a danger to the mental health of the mother, previous payment, of course. The most terrible of the new law is that it establishes the abortion as a right. In view of a right, there is no conscientious objection. Before the abortions were practiced by doctors and nurses in private clinics (abortion centers), now any doctor in the public health may refuse to perform abortions on pain of sanction or trial and sentence. How low we have fallen!


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