Legalized Death

   «A government can never adopt the right to decide over the life of human beings, especially if they are unborn, as if they were not a person, relegated them to the condition of object to serve with other purposes, even though they were great and noble,» said Giovanni Lajolo.

   The embrace of death between Leire Pajín and Bibiana Aido, after the Senate adopted the law of abortion, was grotesque. Free abortion until week 14, decriminalization of it, and adolescents under the age of 16 years do not need parental consent to abort.

   «It is certainly that the person who interrupts the life, the present life is more daring; but the person who deprives the unborn of the light and kills his own child before his birth is crueler» says Marsilio Ficino.

   It was a fateful and buffoon pro-choice festival. In this mournful day, the abortion law was adopted behind the millions of Spaniards, scientists and educators backs who were against it.

   The second tormented victim because of abortion is the woman. Millions of young people around the world have fallen in the fraud of the abortion. Almost all of them are suffering «post-abortion syndrome.» This is evidenced by the most significant abortionist institution of the universe, the International Federation of Family Planning: «the incidence of post-abortion trauma for young women who accept abortion, through surgical means, can reach up to 91% of the cases.» The consequences that they suffer are: anxiety, desperation, delirium, sleeplessness, drunkenness, drug addiction, psychosis, and suicide.

   In 2007, the British actress Emma Beck (30 years) aborted. She hanged herself and left a pathetic letter to her relatives: «Life is a hell for me, I never should have aborted, I would have been a good mother. I want to be with my baby, he needs me more than anyone.» «It is very easy to abort, but it is very difficult to forget it» said Wilke.

   Famous personalities assert that: «an abortionist society is inhospitable. In a future, the tyranny and arbitrariness will reign everywhere. It is like an infectious disease that is spread», Jutta Burggraf. The doctor Nathanson, a pioneer advocate of abortion in the United States, including his own son, repentant said: “today humanity repents of the slavery of yesterday, and soon it will be ashamed of the crime of abortion.»

   Moreover, abortion groups will be in the streets on March 7, from the Cibeles to the Puerta del Sol, to clamor for life. Besides Madrid, pro life concentrations are planned in more than 100 Spanish, European and American cities.


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