Life is Important

   The embrace of death between Leire Pajín and Bibiana Aido, after the Senate adopted the law of abortion by 132 votes against, 126 in favor and one abstention. Free abortion until week 14, decriminalization, and adolescents under the age of 16 years do not need parental consent for an abortion.

   It was a fateful and buffoon pro-choice festival. In this mournful day, the abortion law was adopted behind the millions of Spaniards, scientists and educators backs who were against it.

   Nobody took into account the explanation of the International Federation of family planning on the consequences that women who have abortion suffer: anxiety, desperation, delirium, insomnia, drunkenness, drug addiction, and suicide.

    «It is very easy to abort, but it is very difficult to forget it» said Wilke.

   Moreover, abortion groups will be in the streets on March 7 from Cibeles to Puerta del Sol to clamor for life.


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