Respect for Human Life

   Executive committees of gynecology clinics of four Roman universities (Tor Vergata, La Sapienza, Cattolica and Campus Biomedico) gathered in Isla Tiberina (Italy) made a report where reclaimed to legalize the right to medical assistance to the fetuses that survive after an abortion, because «a viable newborn should be treated as any person in danger.»

   We must receive the human life as a gift that must be respected. A baby that survived after an abortion admitted to the Hospital Mayor of Bologna (Italy). Doctors diagnosed that the unborn baby girl had not eyeballs. Parents decided to feticide but the baby girl was born impetuous and doctors went to far in protect her and safeguard her existence, in spite of article 7 of Law 194 and in view of the opinion of the Superior Health Council. According to this she must die.

   Parents decided not to take in their survivor daughter and asked that she was given up for adoption. The new mother who adopted her said: «she is wonderful, full of life and changes the heart of anyone who knows her.»

   The history of this girl is ineffable: she survived after the abortion, was born with 562 grams, and experimented a heart surgery. When she was ten days presented brain hemophilia, several inflammations, pectoral and nutrition problems. Now she is twenty months and weighs eight kilograms. She has survived, but is blind.

   After more than 40 years of abortions, the United Kingdom has launched an awareness campaign human under the slogan: «I live stamping.» This criticizes that parents and doctors let babies that have survived the abortion dying. According to the official investigation of Cemach, in England at least 66 aborted babies were born lively, but they were left to die.

   According to the above mentioned information, more than seven million aborted Anglo-Saxon were dying in recent years. The British are fighting to reduce this social scourge.


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