I will tell you two pearls related by two fathers. The first one is:
   A ten-year-old child asks his father:
– Dad, when I grow what will I be? Man or woman?

   The father stayed silence. The second one is:
An eight-year-old child tells his father:
– Dad, I am gay.

   This time the father speaks and answers:
– Why do you say that?
– Because at school the teacher told us that if a boy loves other boy is gay. And I love very much my friend L….

   I do not know if these two pearls are caused by the educational system in general and the Education for Citizenship in particular. I do not know. As father of a large family with children under ten years, I am concerned about the type of moral and sexual education that they can receive at school.

   For this reason I demand those who rule this country the repeal of a subject: «Education for Citizenship», which has tried to impose the ideology of gender successfully (the abovementioned anecdotes prove it). According to this gender ideology, a person is born man or woman, but that is a mere coincidence, since all throughout life a person meets other people until finds his sexual identity that can be: heterosexual, homosexual, transgender, bisexual, trisexual, pansexual or super-cali-fragilistic-expialidocious-sexual. I do not want to explain to my children something so obvious as the fact that a person always is a man or woman, even his sexual orientation are persons of the opposite sex or the same sex, or mutilate his genitals; and that the love of friendship between two men does not indicate that they are homosexual. For this reason, I demand the elimination of this subject in the educational programs.

   Alejandro Pérez Benedicto