Against innocents loneliness

   » We share illusions » is the slogan of a notice published in newspapers of wide circulation. The aim of the campaign is to sponsor children in many countries who live in extreme poverty. This advertising campaign was promoted by the spanish NGO Intervida .

   It is known to all governments that the Declaration of the Rights of the Child states that » The child shall be protected against all forms of neglect, cruelty and exploitation.»

   In a cruel world, such as the one we live , children are » sad protagonists» : They are forced to subhuman work , malnutrition , sexual abuse and most suffer physical torture .

   South Sudan is one of the 33 countries in crisis , as revealed by Unicef , and the worst of them all, according to the research entitled » Humanitarian Action » , which examines 21 African countries , eight Asian , two Hispanic and two European . The causes underlying the crisis in these countries are generic , according to Unicef.

   Military conflicts are one of the primary causes of the crisis and the AIDS pandemic is the second : » Not only for the high number of patients but also by the social consequences of HIV.» Finally the weather disasters : «Especially droughts cause poverty and exceptional vulnerability.»

   The Horn of Africa (Somalia , Eritrea and Ethiopia) is the second most alarming area . The figures are frightening and 1.8 million kids are afflicted by the conflict in Southern Sudan , which together affects four million people.

   Moreover, of the two million of displaced , the half are children. 60 % of deaths in children under five years are due to lack of food and this is the leading cause of death followed by respiratory contamination. The situation is also serious in Afghanistan, where 165 newborns die per thousand surviving . One in four children dies before age five from easily curable diseases such as respiratory , measles or malaria.

   The hard life of millions of kids, condemned to poverty, scragginess and lack of all because of a perverse distribution of goods among the poor countries are threats to the life of the most innocent and defenseless.

   Clemente Ferrer

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