And advertising success

   And advertising success: the European campaign One of us in defense of life has more than one million signatures

   The citizens’ initiative ‘ One of us ‘ has reached throughout Europe 1,157,835 rubrics «in favor of life and against the culture of death», which allows to present to the European Parliament a proposal for legislation to end public funding of embryo research and cooperation programs which practice abortion, killing innocent people.

   It began on October 18, 2011, when a judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union recognized the respect due to human dignity from the moment of conception until natural death. It was challenging scientific patents which require the prior destruction of human embryos, and thus violate » the Protection of human dignity».

   It was after this decision when the pro-life organizations across Europe launched the European Citizens’ Initiative «One of us», which aims «to obtain the commitment of the EU to not consent or finance or promote actions that presuppose the destruction of human embryos and to establish appropriate instruments of control over the use of funds, in order to ensure that these are not used to threaten human life, killing innocent people».

   MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja (of the Spanish Partido Popular, pictured) has worked to support this initiative which he considers essential. He was satisfied with the number of signatures collected, since «only two» citizen initiatives of this type have surpassed the million of signatures.

   On November 1 the signatures will be presented to the European Parliament. In addition, the coordinators of all pro-life European associations have been called in mid-November in Poland to create a European movement in defense of life.

   Jaime Mayor Oreja believes that it is necessary to «fight from all nations, everyone must participate in a citizens’ initiative» (Source: ABC)

   Clemente Ferrer

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