Do the waves have an interested message?

    An ancient author claims that the possibility of a lie be believed is based on that truth is always told since a statement in the mouth of a liar will never be believed.

    Our philosopher couldn’t contemplate the phenomenon of mass media and its engagement with the advertising techniques. If messages are repeated with the enough intensity and with the right intensity of voice, it is likely that a large number of people be convinced by the message, at least it is expected by the broadcaster. If the scream technique is joined to it and if there is an enough number of media who repeat those messages in a docile manner, the chances are very high that such messages are admitted without any critical sense by people; and it is better if they have an aggressive tone agaisnt the opponents in the political dispute: ¡go to the stake with them!.

    Observation tells us that we rarely see reality in a direct way as we come across the reality through images, through printed letter from the communicators, from politicians, from opinion makers mixed with other sounds and people don’t interpret them few times. If it happens with real facts, we must imagie how we get political messages.

    It produces astonishment to hear the speeches of some participants in television or radio debates since without specialized training, they propose final solutions to the problems of the country that pontificate over the measures that will be taken to solve all the problems or criticizing the taken measures by the goverment without having more data than their passion against the goverment to whom is addressed their diatribes.

    Also it is proved that in many debates where participate alleged “first sword”, their versions of a same situation can be very different, and even conflicting. But what catches the attention particularly is that one of the comunicators has a tendency, an option what we might call an ideological line, or we can see the events of only one way, surely legitimate but it must be valued objectively.

    It seems to be missing in our society and particularly in our politicians, the true instinct that guides all their actions. On the other hand, hipocrisy and lie acquire their relevance so that it makes man changes his mind. Surprising to see that in many cases don’t seem to exist any truth that can be share by all political parties. No wonder that in polls the level of credibility of politicians are in tatters.

    Our society rather citizens, we are losing the critical sense: it is discernment and judgment, to go beyond the obvious. The television, noise, rush have helped to decrease attention. And many times we do not realize that we are hearing agreed voices in a same message, made intentionally, which is transferred to the public stage creating headlines and they are repeated one after the other to try that the amount replaces the truth.

    Reality is always complex obviously which can be analyzed from different angles and giving nuances to its contrasts is not always easy but we must pay attention in order not to be confused, developing that critical sense.


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