Family needs strong support from advertisers

   Advertising continues to employ » the couple » ( of children) in the campaigns. This is a breakdown of the marriage institution that aims to procreate , to have many children. Recent campaigns that disseminate this misconception in Spain are: The insurance company » Ocaso » , the carpet factory » Hamid » the cruises » Nautalia » and the constructor of chairs save-stairs «Thyssen Krupp».

   Moreover, a team of American inquirers has conducted a study to examine , with precise guidelines , the robustness of marriage. This is a basic but very novel idea : as variables are used for the economic situation of a country , is it possible to do something similar with the institution of marriage ? This is the question asked by the Institute for American Values and the National Center of African American Marriages and Parentig.

   The five indicators of this research are: the percentage of married men and women , the feeling of happiness in marriage , the percentage of undamaged marriages , the number of births within marriage and the percentage of children who live with their married parents.

   The researchers who have come together to make this study come from several university departments and belong to many political ideologies. However, they agree that » marriage is more than just a private relationship between a man and a woman , that is a social good with serious implications for the welfare of children.»

   And later they add: «If marriage is fundamentally about creating a link between the parent and the children, any index that seeks to measure the health of marriage should capture the strength of that bond,» the study authors warn about the repercussions on the children: «When the marital relationship of the parents suffer, children also tend to suffer.»

   In the last decade there has been a spate of marital stability. This indicates that it is possible to avoid the drop in the number of stable marriages.

   Finally, it is also important to intervene in public debates about the institution of marriage: it is a way to spread the ideal of marital stability through campaigns and to display marriage as the appropriate place to raise children and educate them.

   Clemente Ferrer

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