Gandia Shore

   ‘Gandia Shore’, an attempt to revive Junk TV.

It is necessary to design a more open television, freer, with plurality and diversity, as it is a window on the world, from different perspectives encouraged by their corresponding information projects.

    Nocturnal revelry, bacchanalia, laughter and brawls in hovels. Without measure alcohol and drugs consumption, uncontrolled passions and savage violence. The dolls of «Gandía Shore», one of the most aberrant junk programs, have completed their shameful actions. The channel MTV has reached its ratings success at the expense of degrading the dignity of the human being. The end can never justify the means, the vulgarity, the exploitation of the basest instincts of the person and of any action against «nature». I usually say that God always forgives, man sometimes, but nature never forgives. The vulgar trash TV can get the highest «share» of the season, but it is not always the best. «Gandía Shore» is harmful, degrading and immoral.

   U.S. television networks are fighting in order to grab viewers to competitors. Therefore, the most powerful channels increased their sensationalist programs, pushing the limits of what is permitted. Soon came the reaction of advertisers decided to withdraw their advertising from programs that violated the moral, social morality and the principles of freedom and coexistence.

   Advertisers should withdraw their advertising from the program «Gandía Shore» because, when not respected moral values, the advertised product is severely damaged. Apparently their notoriety is growing, but that does not increase sales.

   Television programs called «trash TV», gather all the ingredients listed. This applies especially to Big Brother, a «reality show» where a troop of participants coexist in a house, no communication with the outside and being watched 24 hours of each day. They should avoid the dismissals ordered by the audience and achieve the ultimate reward.

   That TV program was founded by Dutch John de Mol. Big Brother’s prototype appeared in 1997, during a «brainstorming» meeting on Mol’s TV producer. It was first broadcast in 1999, later being adapted in over 70 countries. Thus came the humiliating Junk TV. The components of this program are not a role model.

   The crude morbidity has become the mainstay of many programs. These are banal and ordinary ingredients on the border of what is ethically permissible. The trash TV is a problem bigger than terrorism or drugs as it destroys the transcendent life of people. So is the «Junk TV» which seeks the audience’s growth through direct provocation of instincts, passions and feelings of the viewer.

   Clemente Ferrer

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