Humanity has misplaced happiness

   It is spreading, with great force, an ethic that considers valid a double standard for many areas of human existence. For the same reason has emerged a mentality that accepts that the end justifies the means and that everything is legitimate provided it will be valid to enjoy a happiness beyond measure. But one can never justify the means just because the end is sublime.

   The output of this situation will depend on us to be united to the author of all things, so that, by the exercise of our free will, we can recognize or deny the greatness he deserves. This builds the chiaroscuro of the free will, the personal freedom.

   Humanity has lost, has misplaced happiness, the joy of life, because it has refused to give up its freedom. Moreover, the truth that hovers like a mantra to free will, make us free because freedom reaches its genuine sense when acting in the service of truth.

   The dilemma is that either we are children of God or prisoners of pride, of eroticism, of this tormented narcissism in which so many mortals seem to be struggling.

   Furthermore, freedom carries a great responsibility that straightens life, our whole existence. A man without freedom is like «clouds without rain, blown hither and thither by the winds, autumn trees, unfruitful, twice dead, uprooted”. Where there is no intimacy with the Deity, there is a personal emptiness and in that dark, silent abyss, everything is oppression.

   Augustine of Hippo wrote that wonderful hymn to freedom: God “who made you without your consent does not justify you without your consent”.
Therefore, free will and donation are not facing each other. On the contrary, they protect each other. Freedom can only be given to another by an impulse of love. A freedom without any climax, with no objective standard, no obligation, is debauchery. Because I love, because I am free, because I am willing to donate my will, for all those reasons I decide to God.

   Finally, human freedom attains its full meaning when it is grown to serve the truth. The Gospel of St. John (8:32) stated that «the truth will set you free.»

   Pierre Joseph Proudhon (pictured), French political theorist, son of a bartender and a humble peasant, said that freedom has “the charm of the Revolution without which the work is torture and life a long death”.

   Clemente Ferrer

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