Ikea Launches a Pro-life Advertising Campaign

   Ikea announced the end of its advertising relationship in Spain with the agency SCPF. Meanwhile, the latest advertising campaign of their common history is debuting: A pro-life advertising campaign.

   The campaign, entitled Opposites and composed of three spots , has begun to spread . In one of the spots (pictured ) we see a husband with his wife and nine children, and the tenth is on the way. The advertising campaign is based on the large family consisting of a man and a woman dedicated to their children and their education.

   Of the 50 states that form the United States, only five tolerate the “same-sex-marriage”: Massachusetts , Connecticut , Vermont , Maine and California , where the law allowing it was abolished by referendum.

   The current balance shows an absolute majority of states whose constitutions only approve the marriage between man and woman . “Same-sex-marriage” is against the natural law.

   The news in recent months are that, for the first time, the legitimacy of gay marriage has not been a consequence of a court judgment but by decision of Parliament. This has happened, first in Vermont, then in Maine. New Hampshire may be the third case. It remains true, however, that “same-sex-marriage” has never been sanctioned by popular vote: until now, when put to a referendum, it has always lost.

   Marriage is under attack from those who seek to make it independent of natural law. The laws seek no more to protect the family and instead infamous rules are approved, undermining the roots of society and accelerating its disintegration. The family is the foundation of social and civil life. The future of humanity passes through the family.

   Soon, Ikea will announce who will be the new agency in charge of its advertising.

   Clemente Ferrer

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