Ikea launches an international campaign in defense of life

   The company Ikea has launched an advertising campaign on an international level, which promotes life. The campaign shows an oriental marriage, eagerly expecting their first child, the first life. It shows the joy of parenthood. After the first, the second child was born and so on. The ad shows the intensity of tenderness of the fathers to their children.

   The Formula 1 racer Fernando Alonso, continues as Santander Bank prescriber. Also, Cristiano Ronaldo announces the Portuguese financial institution Banco Espírito Santo, and Leo Mesi the Adidas sneakers. Bertin Osborne, in the twilight of his artistic life, agrees to lend her image to any type of advertising: for example, an ad for the installation of a special shower.

   Moreover, the company PUBLIMEDIA, which manages the advertising announced in the buses of the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid, vetoed a campaign of the American Association ‘Catholics for Choice’. This group, which advocates abortion and condom use, planned to launch an outdoor advertising campaign under the slogan «We believe in God, we believe that sex is sacred, we believe in taking care of each other and believe in the use of condoms». PUBLIMEDIA decided to veto the campaign because it might be «offensive». The company assessed that the content may “offend the sensibilities of a significant part of the population”.

   Former Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina (who now plays for SSC Napoli), was engulfed in the storm following an advertising by the multinational insurance for Groupama, in which he represented a farce about an African tribe. The British NGO Operation Black Vote rejected the spot. The insurance company excluded this ad from various TV channels, according to The Guardian.

   Ryanair’s chief says he will not desist from using images of young hostesses for promotional activities such as the calendar of the company, although the latest announcement was censured by the ASA. The same ad will reappear next year.

   The tennis player Rafa Nadal was one of the two interpreters of the special issue of Sports Illustrated on swimsuits. He shared the photo shoot, somewhat erotic, with Israeli model Bar Refaeli. Finally, the ad starring David Beckham for H & M was shown to promote this multinational clothing company in the Super Bowl. The value of the ad lies in its protagonist, parading in underwear, to announce a new line. A shameful display.

   It is necessary to provide better publicity, which together with the image of solidity, safety and reliability, will spread more and better creative imagination but not manipulate the consumer with voluptuous advertising campaigns.

   Clemente Ferrer

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