Nintendo fails with Wii U and recorded losses of 176 million euros

   Nintendo, the Japanese multinational engaged in manufacturing and distributing video games and consoles suffers a muddled situation following the launch of its next-generation console : The Wii U.

   Nintendo’s way to compete in the market is different compared to its rivals , Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox . Sony and Microsoft are aimed at the » hardcore gamers » people with a great love for video games looking for powerful graphics , advanced controls and shocking stories and adventures.

   However, Nintendo is aimed at casual players , without an outstanding taste for video games that are looking for entertainment, alone or in company , with simple games . Not only children and adolescents but also adults and seniors are included in this segment .

   Nintendo developed a video game that revolutionized the market, the Wii, a simple console with modest graphics , but with controls and game dynamics completely innovative , where the group games and physical exercise are potentiated .
   This strategy was very successful worldwide and positioned Nintendo on the top of the video game world , but today it has led to an absolute failure with their latest release, the Wii U.

   The president of the company forecasts losses for the fiscal year ending in March 2014 amounting to 25,000 billion yen (176 million euros), meaning that Nintendo would fall again into losses.

   Various factors argued by experts and users explain the disappointing sales figures for the Wii U, among which are that casual players without great love for video games, which are the target of Nintendo, are willing to give up to buy a console if their financial situation is weak. In a time of global economic crisis, like the one we are experiencing, Nintendo’s target public decided to use his resources to meet the basic needs instead of buying a game console.

   Clemente Ferrer

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