Pope praises the fundamental value of the natural family in society

   The TV networks have broadcast live the » Family Day » in London , Nazareth, Barcelona and Madrid.

   Pope Francis in his message to the families present in Madrid , Barcelona , London and Nazareth Pope said the family is an inviolable right. The family is the solution. He was also concerned about the elderly and children living as » exiles within their homes.»

   Moreover, when the state is mixed in family issues , some feel trepidation and suspicion , because they feel the home as the great sanctuary of personal privacy . But there are places with a long tradition of family support , such as France , where state intervention favors that the country is at the forefront of European birth rate, according to a report from the French Institute of Public Opinion.

   With the growing number of divorces, and the resulting mark on the lives of children and society in general , French politicians are forced to promote marital stability. France ‘s main parties agree on goals but differ on solutions. According to the French Statistical Institute , lone parents with a high percentage of single mothers, are already 19% , and its poverty rate rises to 46.2 %.

   To make marriages more durable, the most important is the appreciation of the family institution, the implementation of new tax benefits for wedded, and the promotion of a policy of support for stable conjugal unions.

   A new survey, conducted by Ifop for the newspaper La Croix, says that 77% of respondents, aged 25 and 34, «wants to build a single family in his life, staying with the same person.»

   In summary, one can see a clear agreement about the advantage that the stability of marriages implies for society. The question is how to improve the various aids for the family to be stable over time, overcoming the obstacles of living together.

    Clemente Ferrer

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