The June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States made a judgement that the conjugal union between people of the same sex could not be prevented because it was unfair discrimination that goes against the US Constitution; the decision was taken by 5 votes in favor and 4 against, and the consequences are that all States of the Union must accept in their legal systems the fact of marriage between homosexuals, as an accepted fact and protected by the law.

   It is somewhat surprising that people who are supposed well educated, above average, and great legal training, decide that this union should call marriage, with the contradiction that it has. A real contradiction from the beginning of human existence, it has always been understood that marriage is the conjugal union between a man and a woman.

   However, the life of ordinary people goes to the opposite side and the vast majority of them have the tendency to look for the love of a person of the opposite sex as an expression of that search for own happiness of the human condition, who feel and live reasonably out of the unusual judgement.

   But the unholy is that this layout could be extended increasingly around the world and encourage the development of new laws, in addition to equate heterosexual marriage to this new form of unnatural conjugal union, feed confusion in children who were instill that false equality and the disastrous consequences involved in the formation of his conscience.

   The statement of the conjugal union between homosexuals, like marriage, reminds me of the attitude of the whimsical and mischievous children, by an unbearable insistence, by hook or by crook, her parents manage the granting fad seeking and do not stop of claim until it is granted. So these judges have acted, fed up with the insistence of those children who do not shut up and comply until they get what they want and leave us alone to parents.

   Because, let’s see, how can declare marriage as two people of the same sex who are unable to have any natural children? It may be argued that the commission can adopt or gestation to a third person with the fertilization of the ovum and the sperm it one of the homosexuals, but in these cases, would not be accepted, especially in the second, which is forming a substitute family resemblance to the original, but not the same as are all substitutes?

   The original is in the conjugal union between a man and a woman who, because of their different sex are trained and oriented to have natural children with his own blood which is a very important bond of union between people and states with variations, roots and the origin of the being of each. And, as some politicians, everyone prefers the original to copy or substitute something.

   Roberto Grao Gracia

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