A broken young couple

   I know a young couple. It seems to me that they are a domestic partnership or married under civil law (having a daughter), and I like them. I usually greeted them with affection whenever we met by chance, even though in my heart I did not agree with their way of living. They lived in a beautiful house with large plot and a swimming pool, two pets, a cat and a dog -wandering sometimes on their own-, and servants.

   They own small and medium-size companies that expanded before economic crisis arrived, and so they enabled to enjoy a high living standard, but at the expense of getting out of home early in the morning and returning after dark. They were able to resist recession though if you look at the symptoms it made a significant dent in them.

   Their working endlessly seemed to me to be absurd. Watching their hustle and bustle I just wondered what they worked so much for? if their lifestyle prevented from staying calm to enjoy more familiar values and their fortune. They could barely see their daughter absorbed as they were in business. A maid was in charge of her about domestic habits, and took her to a close private school and picked her up from there. Grandparents cooperated for celebrations and vacations, although they were living far away.

   In the end they showed a strange behavior. They gave the impression to have no affinity between them. And indeed, finally it was known they had broken “amicably”. Yellow press speaks about these friendly breaks as if they know how to separate “keeping their friendship”, without allowing their old love becomes hatred, while they find other person to fill their affective vacuum.

   However progressive and democratic these kind of breaks may be, I appreciate less than those families that in spite of their problems, keep united “till death do them part”, giving their children an example of overcoming problems, of their love and union in a common purpose. Pope Francis said that married life “is something lovely. We must always take care of it, watch over children”, reminding “his three magic words: permission, thanks, forgiveness”.

   Permission not to encroach upon partner’s life. Thanks for what the other did to me, the beauty of saying thank you. And the last one, forgive me please, what some times is more difficult, but necessary to say”.

   At the same time the Suprem Pontiff added: “When a family prays, when the husband prays for his wife, and the wife for his husband, the bond becomes stronger”.

   Family is the foundation of the society, but Spain is one of the countries with higher divorce rate. Throughout the year 2014 there had been 105,983 sentences for annulment, separation or divorce, 5.4% more than last year. INE reported the average length of marriages in 2014 was 15.8 years, similar to 2013. These percentages tell us that the foundation of our society goes wrong.
    Ricardo Gutiérrez Ballarín

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