Nowadays we are concerned about pollution, but it seems that we are only worried about that which directly damages our lungs or poisons our organism. And so it is strange that a contaminant permeating the environment we breathe and alienating a quite number of brains, moves around our society as an ordinary product, without being discredited even so dangerous as it is. We are talking about hatred. It is contagious, creates discord, inflames wishes, disturbs minds, darkens judgement, both of individuals and multitude. Hate finds ways to all kind of violence, pollutes interpersonal relations until making impossible the life itself. When it is spread in a collective range, causes havoc to millions of people: with policies aimed at blocking institutions, striking terror on the streets, triggering wars destroying nations, etc. If we reflect about the nature of hatred we can see its origin from a not mollified anger, which is driven essentially by irrationality.

    In a democracy, facing the normal disagreement among different opinions, proposing a responsible political dialogue is more clever than nurturing resentments. It is easier to reach a common understanding on agreements bringing together the people involved. And so it will be convenient, above all for the most vulnerable young people, if Health Authorities warn that sowing hatred is highly irresponsible, due to the fact that actions based upon hatred are far removed from reason.

   José Murillo

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