School and family

   As far as the total formation of the person is concerned, the family sphere has traditionally been the main training center; attributing to the school, in a subsidiary action, what could be called intellectual education. However, it seems that other fields previously covered by the family now move to school.

   Confronted by the needs of modern life, the school assumes functions previously fulfilled by the family; from day care centers or kindergarten, to going to school canteens as a result of the school organization and the children’s home. But more is reached and expected of it, in excess, to prepare students to face modern life, prepare them for life; so the education acquires a utilitarian sense, because of the depth and the internalization.

   The family is an irreplaceable field of formation, which affects not only the children of school age, but also all its components, in all directions: children also influence the formation of parents, and not only these in them. In the family is where people spend more time, so it is logical that this relationship configures man in a very relevant way. On the other hand, in this area no «protection» is needed against possible external aggressions, as can happen at work or in social relations; which favors the development of the personality, emotions and feelings.

   The formative duties of the parents do not end with the free choice of what they consider a good school according to their values. Being important, it is insufficient. The school puts the adjective; the noun, the roots, must be found in the family itself. It should not be forgotten that, having improved significantly the educational system, school failure has also increased; therefore, something wrong is happening. The family dampens the tensions produced by the acceleration of the moment that we have to face now. The possible “desertion” carried out by members of the family community concerning their educative action, or the existence of internal conflicts, affects all the members of the family.

   The task of offering oneself as a model for the children and of behaving as such, of «putting oneself in their place» and of knowing how to love, is always arduous. Faced with the flight of educational responsibility —sometimes voluntary and unconscious others— held by some parents, it is possible to be teachers of humanity of their own children; of laying the foundations of character, of personal and social attitudes, of values; to help them reason, to channel their cares and illusions; to strengthen their capacity for freedom and responsibility for the day when children have to take on the task of «self-education», the moment of truth, which will inevitably come.

   School and family complement each other: the acquired knowledge is systematically integrated with life experience. The school cannot be isolated from the family. It is necessary that those who are authentic teachers in their homesadopt a more active role in the government of the school; and more in the current situation, where they try to implement gender ideologies that can directly affect the being of their own children.

    Agustín Pérez

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