The improvement of work

   Nowadays trade unions and businessmen wish to improve work conditions, an increase in salaries and the effective performance of activity.
An important issue is that work has to be a job well done with an attitude of service. To achieve this aim there will be to take into account the aptitude or ability to do it, and de attitude or will to perform it with quality.

   A job well done entails professional competence from they who perform it, providing sufficient time and the worker’s attitude for a continuous improvement.

   For a work to be well done it is necessary that a proper approach has been performed previously and then an implementation taking care of the details. At last, an assessment has to be done in order to check if the results are fitting for the aims of the initial approach. As a consequence of assessment it is possible to arise improvements to future products having a greater value added of quality.

   As mentioned above, a job well done must have a service aim, i. e., with the performed product other users benefit in their daily life. And this service has to improve as well, because you cannot offer others any kind of service, and even more when that service is offered to society or God Himself.

   As for the technical training of workers, several years of study and the acquisition of skills or even a professional mentality are required. But after basic training, a continuous formation is required to achieve the necessary professional advancement.

   A general goal can consist of performing the same service with less material resources or getting a better service with the same resources.

   Arturo Ramo

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