The trained man

   Very often we hear on the news about youngsters consumming too much alcohol even to death; others set up fights at schools and another ones bully school mates until forcing them to change schools. All of this shows us children are needed of training.

   Philosophy says that men are destined to a perfect and harmonious progress of their capacities, under the hegemony of superior faculties, intelligence and will, in order to an authentic personality development. Due to their limitation men can get better and at the same time must improve by means of exercising their intelligence, conscience and freedom.

   For their own training, men develop positive habits or spiritual dispositions to do what is right, considering the good as their own purpose. Habits are acquired by repetition of positive acts, whereas vicious is the result of doing again acts of failure.

   A positive act is normally named virtue, and it can be defined as the habit or inner disposition towards the good, in conformity with natural reason.
We can distinguish two classes of virtue: the human ones improve men in themselves and the Christian virtues due to their spiritual nature. Human virtues are: prudence, justice, fortitude and temperance. The Christian virtues are faith, hope and charity. It can be said that any person having virtues is ‘more of a person’ and is on the road towards improving according to their nature.

   For acquiring virtues first of all they have to be known if possible by means of specific examples; secondly, they have to be accepted as desirable goods and finally they have to be put into practice freely. We became more just practicing justice; became temperate practicing temperance; and strong practicing fortitude. You cannot easily get virtues, without the repetition of positive acts and the exercise of patience required.

   The exercise of virtues is the way to reach perfection and training of man. Not only does the trained man achieve personal pleasure of living a morally better life, but also it results directly in society improvement.

    Arturo Ramo García

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