Tribute to the Teachers

   The Spanish Foundation for Aid for Drug Addicts (FAD) has launched an advertising campaign which highlights the important role played by the school teachers who, side by side with the families, are leading trainers in values. The campaign enhances the extraordinary importance of a good education to prevent hazardous scenarios, violence, racism, drugs and sex abuse, and hopes to create social awareness about the important role of the teachers as educators and to enhance their function, requesting the help of the local population to the Masters and the work that they develop and to stimulate enthusiasm and joy of the teachers in their work.

   The Tribute to the Teachers, will be held on September 30th, are located, with the award of a «Tribute to the Master» prize which will be given by the Queen Sofia of Spain.

   The Foundation for Aid for Drug Addicts asserts that preventing drug abuse should go further and not only warn of the dangers. Prevention requires supporting the development of people, especially the youngs, struggling to create opportunities for authentic freedom.

   From its years of experience in the prevention of drug abuse and its consequences, the FAD has become convinced that it is necessary to face these protective tasks from childhood.

   The FAD regards as very important to start this educational training in the infant stage, because because the building blocks of personality are placed before the age of nine. A strong education in values can be an important barrier to various risk factors. Self-esteem, self-control, empathy, delayed reward and respect to their own morphology, help the young people to be in control of their behavior and to have more opportunities to choose freely, knowing better how to overcome the risks they will face.

   Education is a long time process, and what has not been done in the infant stage makes us fragile and can hardly be rebuild later. In the infant stage,the teacher is a cornerstone to build the personality of the boy with the transmission of values which later will be essential.

   During the early period of life, the family and the teacher act as the main reference for the child.

   Among of teachers there is a clear awareness of the need to develop prevention strategies for different risk behaviors and that the school should be involved in this task, which in any case is understood as their own and exclusive, but shared with the child’s parents.

   Clemente Ferrer

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