I know to be politically incorrect to show disagreement in this subject, but it is an issue highly topical and so important that it warrants some lines.

   A few days ago we have seen published in Basque Country and Navarra posters advertising about genre ideology showing naked children with the text: “There are girls with penis and boys with vulva”. Any organ of our body might contain anomalies requiring health care, also genital organs.

   But anomalies cannot be presented as basis of any ideology. Among other things, genre ideology blurs the sex differences without any scientific basis, and so makes a slippery disorder in human relations, questioning the natural reciprocity between man and woman.

   It is very respectable that everyone has their opinions and beliefs, but it is dangerous to support claims against the laws of biology.

   If State, being theoretically non-religious, in practice, imposes on all the people a specific ideology by means of legislation, educational planning, etc., not tolerating any disagreement, commits an abuse of authority, breaking a basic principle of democracy: the ideological neutrality on the part of the State.

   José Murillo.

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