Marines collect toys

    “It was a great day, in spite of the weather”, expressed Reverend James F. Stokes at the end of the day, speaking about the toys collection sponsored by The Outback Restaurant on Saturday 6, 2003.

   In fact, every TV Channel, every radio station and newspaper was advising people not to go out that day, because of the weather, and somehow, people disobeyed the warning and went out to donate toys for the needy.

   U.S. Marines Corporal Daniel Cotnoir, Unit Ordinance Contact Team 1, a Lawrence resident, was also on hand to help the toys drive together with cousins Adam and Juan Merced and Alexander Code, all from the Lawrence High School ROTC. “I am used to this weather and I am surprise so many people had come”, said Corporal Cotnoir.

    Reverend Stokes is very happy with the results: “Three huge boxes filled with toys and $537.00 cash from The Outback”, said the reverend. The deal was: Between 10:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. you could have an open buffet for the price of $5.00 or a toy. “And we got both, the toys and the money people paid for the food”, said Stokes, and added “They (The Outback) is going to do it again next year.”

   Alberto Surís

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