Parents and adolescents

   Nowadays many parents and teachers are worried about adolescent crisis, because it can produce the situation of “NiNis” (neither attend school nor have jobs) and school failure.

   During childhood, parents have striven for their children to acquire several positive habits such as respect, obedience, work, punctuality, order, good manners and personal appearance.

   From the age of 12 children change their behaviour and turn disobedient, not returning home until unusual hours, not telling their parents what they do, getting annoyed for everything, being careless about their personal appearance and having their room in complete disorder.

   Facing this situation, parents feel burdened and discouraged. So much previous work to achieve these disgraceful hooligans!

   To overcome and solve this problem, some parents take a wrong decision. They continue to insist on helping their children in the same way but with a higher level of demand. The result is negative. Children become more irritable and grow the bad habits they had developed. Others parents assess this behavior as bad and think adolescents make it to bother them.

   Older people need to understand that children of this age undergo corporal and psychological significant changes, such as the start of intimacy, the physical growing and the sexual maturity. All of that has a necessary consequence in the way they behave, and far from being reprehensible, it expresses the development of an individual as a part of the personal maturity process.

   On the other hand, every effort parents make to give a good example and encourage positive habits will not be lost and after some time the child will make up the calm and balance, even in a more conscious form than that in childhood. In some cases the pass gets complicated due to alcohol consumption, drugs or different causes, while in other cases children progress in their maturity smoothly enough.

   The important thing in education is to anticipate problems and from early childhood children will be internalizing reasonably and progressively the basic future criteria, such as education in freedom, education in faith and education to love. Everything that child has passively accepted in childhood, when reaching adolescence will check it with their own ideas and experiences.

   It is an issue of encouraging and favouring personal autonomy, not restricting it, so that educational action be an improvement process.

    Arturo Ramo

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