Children’s education and professional development

   For about half of the women between 30 and 44 years, having a child has significantly altered their lives, forcing a reduction in working hours, or a temporary or permanent cessation of work. The existence of children alone does not explain the difficulty of reconciling work and family. To understand the problem it is necessary to ask about female employment rate the reduction of fertility, which in Spain has fallen to a rate of 1.34 children per woman.

   Other countries integrated in the European Parliament have a high fertility rate and a highest female employment than other countries that have not joined the EU. A difference in Spain, which affects the low birth rate, is that 37% of female workers have a temporary contract, while the EU average is 15.5%.
Often in a young family both partners have a temporary contract, which influences their decisions to have children. Most women in the European Community countries believe that the ideal model is one in which both spouses have a job of similar dedication and share the childcare. But less than half of the persons in the EU live in families with these characteristics.

   The female working activity is not an obstacle to have children and even to form large families. This is the opinion about work and children shared by a relevant author of the last century, the blessed pope John Paul II, who advised parents: «do not hesitate to have a large family, because the priority is not the pursuit of professional success, but to transmit to the children those human and

   Christian values that give a true meaning to the life”.
In this decadent society the child shall be valued at their full size and importance as a developing person. Instead, it often seems that some adults made a special effort to go «against nature», degrading the physical and moral integrity of the children. Those cruel parents should not forget that the children are not their, they are children of God.

   «The wonderful thing about childhood is that anything in it is wonderful,» wrote Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

   Clemente Ferrer

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