Mayor Sullivan announces Hope Youth Street Program


    Mayor Michael J. Sullivan in cooperation with the Hope Youth Street Program is proud to announce an exciting new event that’s designed to bring the community and the talented youth of our city together. The program, which is simply entitled “The Movement” will celebrate the rich cultural diversity throughout the city and culminate in a talent show.

    There was a press event kickoff at the Hope Street Youth Center, 60 Island Street, Lawrence on Thursday, December 18, from 4:30 – 5:30 P.M. where many of the details and applications were made available.

    “I promised that my administration would focus on some of the positive contributions being made by the youth of this city and no group better exemplifies that than the kids at Hope Street,” Mayor Sullivan said. This after school program was the creation of Misael Martinez, its founder and director and it has already been widely recognized for its positive impact on the youth of our community. An after school drop-in center which features many academic and tutoring programs; the group is not afraid to let kids focus on their creative side.

    “We want to give children and young adults a chance to reach their potential and achieve their goals and nothing motivates them more than the art of self expression,” said Misael Martinez.

    The talent competition, which will be somewhat, modeled after the widely popular show “American Idol” will have auditions for three months and a final talent show that will be sure to pack the house. The show will have cash prizes and trophies but also may include some studio time for singers, professional classes for dances, and other great opportunities for our talented youth to realize their dream.

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