Video game addiction destroys family unit

   An inquiry carried out between two thousand adolescents of the virtual community Habbo Hotel puts consoles and games as the requests preferred by kids . Only four percent of the boys asked books.

   For all parents the time employed whit consoles should not exceed one hour per day. These data correspond to an inquiry conducted among four thousand parents in the UK, France, Germany and Italy. Parents are not involved in the games. Six out of ten kids play alone.

   On the other hand, video games are used by children as an alternative to isolation. The boy relieves his energies with the machine and eventually stops communicating and loses track of time, increasing his violent behavior.

   Sometimes violent or fanatic video games are hung on the network and distributed free of charge by fascist, racist or criminal organizations to attract addicts among youths. The boys agree to distribute their activities and spend some of their time to other tasks such as sports, theater and reading.

   MIT Professor Joseph Wizenbaum recorded as «Internet bohemians those bright young disheveled, with sunken and glassy eyes, sitting at computer keyboards, with tense arms and waiting to trigger their fingers, and working up to thirty hours straight, and whose menu is summarized in coffee, soft drinks and snacks. They sleep on cots next to the printouts. Their clothes are wrinkled, their faces without washing or shaving and their disheveled”.

   Video games are identified with a super-tech society. The United States, Canada, China and South Korea already have fantastic «detoxification clinics”. The first harbingers of addiction appear when people decide not to eat. Then follows the drug intake to hold clear.

   Finally, at the University of Amsterdam has been assessed that 80% of adolescents aged 18 play, often, a video game.

   Clemente Ferrer

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