Drugs cause brain damage


Laura and Javier have learned one of the sharpest lessons of their existence. She aged 18 years took a liking to amphetamines, known as «speed». Soon the whim of the cocaine consumed her. Now she is 24 and is finishing a therapy to stop this habit in Proyecto Hombre. He aged 21 years started rolling joints and finished captivated by cocaine.

These are the experiences of two of the thousands of teenagers who have come to this institution to begin a plan in order to emerge from the darkness of the drugs, according to the spokesperson of Proyecto Hombre «Minors, drugs and society.»

Nobody is free from drugs. Each day comes a greater number of juveniles (63.5 %) in search of a rehabilitation plan. «Drugs take always a toll on» said the Ministry of Public Health and Consumer Affairs, within the National Plan on Drugs that has as purpose to avoid the waste of drugs among adolescents.

Drugs directly affect the brain. The study by the National Audit Office of the Drug Addiction of Washington confirms that narcotics can result in damage, such as anxiety, melancholy, psychotic episodes or suicide tendencies.

Will be it what some people are looking for, in clear line with the culture of death? It is urgent to attack drugs which are contrary to the health.

Nowadays, the drug is one of the plagues of our society. The rate of drugs consumption has grown in an alarming way and the authorities are overwhelmed with this serious problem. Drug addiction has been accepted in a part of the youth population around the world. Efforts get under way to finish with this social scourge that only causes self-destruction and death.

Clemente Ferrer

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