Once again it is a pity to see how the Jesus Christ’s Church and its head (Pope Benedict XVI) are being attacked due to the pedophile scandals perpetrated by some Catholic priests in Ireland and the United States. The problem is that if those who attack so furious were uneducated and ignorant people, it might be thought that they do it by mistake. However, the culture, intellectual level and number of people and media that are taking advantage of this unfortunate circumstance that the Church and the Holy Father deplore and act appropriately, leads us to infer that it was part of a campaign as many others that have occurred throughout history to slander, malign and tarnish the Catholic Church and also the figure of Benedict XVI.

We can criticize that some bishops have not acted quickly when they became aware of facts since they must separate pederast priests and gays from the exercise of their ministry. They must bring them before the civil authority and compensate as far as possible the serious damage caused to the victims, in this case innocent children placed in the custody of these unworthy clerics. But we can not, or better said we should not use these unfortunate events to disqualify the Pope and the whole Church before public opinion sowing hatred toward them because it is unfair and denotes bad intent. Least if we know that these priests represents a tiny fraction of all people who have received a mission of charity, faith and good doctrine so different to facts alleged and all faithful Christians who deeply regret what happened and pray for the holiness of priests and bishops so events like these do not occur.

Indeed, these are acts in bad faith that deserve the adjective before mentioned and even if they are not a novelty in the future of the societies where the Church is present, Catholics must not ignore them, not only because the silence is consent but also because we must defend the honor of the Holy Father and the Church as a whole.

Let’s see the enigmatic statement of a militant secularist: «The entity of the dissemination of the sexual abuse of children by priests undermines the same legitimacy of the Catholic Church as a guarantor of children education.» The term entity means that a significant amount of priests have been incurred in such abuses, which, in addition of not giving any proof, it is absolutely false, since they will probably not arrive to 0.1 % of all the priests of the Catholic Church in the world.

The problem is that hatred is often diffusive, especially when it affects people with a particular ideology generally left-wing people and when it is linked to atheism, especially when this is not conformist but militant. But it also happens that this hatred disguises in good faith to seduce naive people with lies, statistics and manipulated surveys. This is the evil hypocrisy that camouflage as good to convince or deceive consciences of ignorant and numb people who reject concerns, problems and manipulations without any critical spirit toward evil, when these do not affect them directly.

Roberto Grao Gracia

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