Americans that are so clever have discovered that marital infidelities can also be a good business; and that is why they have created a kind of computer marriage agency, but the opposite, I mean an agency for people who want to be unfaithful to their couples. The business must go well that it is announced on television and have created a multinational of the marital infidelity which wants to be installed in Spain and of course, advertise in television as a car or cologne. At the beginning a national channel agreed but then it gave up and I am glad; thank God there is still a bit of decency. I doubt very much that this type of businesses helps to combat the unemployment; the infidelity is as old as marriage and unfortunately it has existed, exists and will exist without the help of the Internet. Perhaps Adam and Eve also had some «affaire» when they came out of the Paradise. Leaving to one side the times in which adulterers caught «in fraganti» were punished immediately (it still happens in certain Muslim countries), recently the adultery was considered a criminal offense and could be punished with imprisonment. Adultery is not a pleasant situation for any of the three parties. For this reason the fact that someone can «join» to a club of unfaithful people, as if this was a football team, seems to me trivialize a matter that is already thorny. I find it hard to believe that someone is up in the morning and say: «Today I am going to be unfaithful to my wife/husband» and connect to the Internet to see what possibilities there are. According to the company «Cuernos On line» “they exist indeed»; in a day 70,000 potential candidates joined it.

All these news tell us very little of the moral condition of a society where the sex has been trivialized up to consider individuals as mere recipients of sexual instincts. I think Seneca said that the age of Roman women could be calculated by the number of lovers that they had. Today he could not do so, since in his times it was calculated a lover by year and with this type of company it can be reached to one a day. It is clear that the Romans were depraved where pornography is «represented» live and direct at streets, squares and theaters…maybe we are not far from this, and we know how the Roman Empire ended, demolished by the barbarian people…



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