Parenting as a Profession


We often see that many professionals spend daily or weekly time to improve themselves in their profession, reading specialized magazines or books about their work.
Parents can neglect their professional task of educating their children either, which has a great importance because it consists to educate people.

If we want to be good parents, it is essential to love our children. Of course this happens, but we must want that they are better, that develop as individuals. As well as the improvement of the children never ends, the help of parents is forever. Even when the children are older and independent, they tend to ask advice to the parents and they are more receptive than in previous years.

It is not easy to be good parents for several reasons: because children are different from each other, and also change depending on the ages; because they are free and can reject the good that parents propose them, since it costs to harmonize the authority of parents with the freedom and autonomy of children: because the influence of the world is opposed to the type of education that parents give and clash with the standards of the family.

Parents need to have three important supports to overcome these difficulties: the common sense, the experience of being parents and the grace of state (Christian parents have it). But moreover, parents need additional support to practice their parenting profession: the family guidance courses, schools of parents that are organized in most of the colleges and institutes and currently they can found on the Internet a lot of articles on family education.

In order to improve the parenting profession, it is necessary to spend time to education and family. With some frequency it is not achieved because the professional work becomes an addiction, devoting much time to this aspect of the life and seriously neglecting other aspects such as the dedication to the family and the own education.

A part of the time of self-education can be found in the free time. It is about to stop doing unnecessary occupations, as for example, the television.

Arturo Ramo

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