The myth of overpopulation

We have seen recently a big campaign in the media about the birth of the inhabitant seven million that was a Philippine girl, Danica Camacho who was born on 30 October 2011. This information was managed and propagated by the UN through its agency of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), but its reliability is not very secure, because there is neither way of counting one by one the inhabitants on Earth nor controlling the deaths or dead caused by wars or abortions.

But the objective of the UN was to launch an emotional propagandist campaign on the myth of overpopulation to justify the control of the increase of the population considered intolerable and inhuman.

The myth of overpopulation was forged by Malthus with theories that claimed that population growth threatened the welfare of humanity. But this myth is falling before the actual facts. The data resulted inaccurate or false and forecasts of growth are falling. In addition a global statistical do not serve without taking into account that in some African countries the growth rate is 2.70 % while in the West is 0.40 %. In Europe and other developed countries, the decline in fertility is dramatic, the population pyramid is inverted and the birth rate is below the level of generational replacement.

The solution that gives the UN to this problem is to develop reproductive health programs to implement contraceptive, abortion and mass sterilizations laws. It seems that in order to have less poor people on Earth, the proposed solution is to eliminate or kill thousands or millions of children before birth, facilitating millionaires business to abortion clinics, companies of condoms and pharmaceutical laboratories of contraceptive pills.

The problem of hunger and the basic shortcomings to have a dignified life do not consist in the world’s overpopulation but in other causes such as the despotic political systems, the prolonged wars, the concentration of population in large cities, coast and the large rivers and the difficulties of communication for the distribution of goods and services.

But the UN and its agencies prefer combat poverty preventing the births of innocent human beings and this is a direct attack on the dignity of the human person that is the only solid foundation of coexistence between free people.

  Arturo Ramo

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