Monstrous Curvatures


The crosses between human being and irrational animal are something more than nonsense. The United Kingdom is the first country that has legitimized the development of hybrid embryos. Despite the opposition from three leaders of his ministry, the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, tolerated vote in good conscience the controversial Law of embryology.

The Government overcomes the last constituent obstacle by taking the suffrage by a difference of 160 parliamentarians. The new law tolerates the development of hybrid embryos, implanting the genetic information of the nucleus of a human cell into the egg of an irrational vertebrate, almost always in a heifer.

Newcastle University was the first institution of the United Kingdom that originates human-animal embryos. The embryos made by the introduction of human genetic material in the egg of heifer lived three days.

The Catholic Church of England condemned the resolution of the House of Commons and disseminated a notification in which contests the research with hybrid embryos because it is «intrinsically immoral, violates the human rights of the unborn and may cause monstrous aberrations.» It also asserts that «all men are equal and have a specific common genetic heritage. In the alterating manipulation of germ cells, the patient is not only a single human being, but all mankind».

After more than three hours of discussion, the members of parliament rejected, by 336 votes against and 176 in favor, a legislative amendment of the Conservative Party that proposed totally prohibit its use. The proposal to authorize it for therapeutic purposes is included in the bill of embryology and human fertility that was processed in the Parliament.

This law, one of the horses of battle of the Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, whose youngest son, Fraser, suffers from the genetic disease cystic fibrosis aims to update with the latest scientific advances the legislation that dates from 1990. All these genetic manipulations can cause monstrous deviations.

Clemente Ferrer

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