When a private company can not meet to expenses, the consequences come at once: the suppliers cut off the supplies, the banks carry out mortgages, and so on.

In a public company does not occur the same. Governments get into debt until unreasonable limits, dragging those who come behind (our children, our grandchildren…) with irresponsible debts, which repayment and interests will absorb the resources needed to live. This happens because macroeconomics is not ruled by the logic of economic laws, but by the arbitrariness of a policy that should have as a goal the search for the common good. However, nowadays it is subject to the machinery of political parties saturated of exacerbated ideology.

It is legitimate to have ideology, but there is no need to feed it with hatred. When the ideology is taken to the extreme, it disturbs the trial and converts it into prejudice. Madness is the consequence of it.

José Murillo

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