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Some ideologies support postulates that collide with the reason. For example: If we want to find out what animal it is, considering that it has head of duck, walks like duck, and quacks (quack, quack…) like duck, then we rationally conclude that it will obviously be a duck. However, because of the influence of any fanatical ideology, there are people willing to question even the most obvious, and consider any hypothesis, except that it is a duck.
If nature shows a reality and ideology order to believe in something different, then reality is denied and ideological postulate prevails, even it is contrary to the reason.

When the ideology mixed with fanaticism is introduced in a rational thought, the ability to deduce logically is distorted, and a lot of people are confused. Currently, in the media in some countries, people who express themselves according to thesis of pro-abortionists ideologies argue that the child that is developing in the mother’s womb (obviously procreated by a man and conceived by a woman) “is a living being, but not a human being.” These are echoes that evoke reminiscences of the Third Reich (Nazi regime in Germany). It is clear that some ideological dogmas are incompatible with the reason.

José Murillo

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