Formation of conscience 


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    A professional must study a career for years and learn how to work in the field to have a job in our society. This is how doctors, architects, electricians, mechanics, etc. are trained.  

    If the nobility of a person is to become a “man of conscience”, it will be necessary to learn about over the years. Man must conforms a right and true conscience, because if he does not he will be responsible of all his faults, even those committed by his ignorance. 

    Education must start in the childhood, when reason awakes. It must continue in the youth and maturity, when personality asserts in the presence of God, of oneself and of others. 

   To have a true and right conscience it is needed a complete knowledge of the law (objective security) to apply it correctly in every circumstance (subjective security). 

    The need of education of our own conscience will be clear when we will be aware that without it is not possible to live a right life and fulfil ourselves.  

    Some ways which could help us to educate our conscience are: 

    – The study of the moral law, specially the commandments. 

    – A daily routine of thinking before acting.

    – The will of searching for God by the creed and the sacraments.

    – A whole sincerity to ourselves, to God and to others who can help us.

   – A request for help and advice to the people who could guide us. 

    The education of our conscience helps us to act right in every circumstance and achieve happiness in this life and the other. 

Arturo Ramo

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