Wastes of the Development

The acceleration of environmental degradation in the last few decades; the lack of attention of many governments concerned about the development, but without paying attention to the way in which it is carried out; the increase in the means of locomotion, the fuel consumption and the greenhouse effect; the damage to the ozone layer; the millions of tons of toxic residues

Childhood Obesity Prevention. Massachusetts

      In a survey conducted by Massachusetts Public Health Association (MPHA) it was requested information on which types of the following school recreational facilities were available: playground, sports field or gymnasium. As a whole, the answers were: 61% had a sports field, 67% had a playground, including middle and high schools, and 89% had … Sigue leyendo Childhood Obesity Prevention. Massachusetts

Environmental and human ecology

   Currently, there is much talk about ecology and protection of the environment, especially after the international debate of Copenhagen. We might say that ecology studies the relationship between living organisms and their environment. We can make a clear distinction between natural and human ecology. Environmental ecology leads us to the protection of nature in all … Sigue leyendo Environmental and human ecology