It is obvious that what we call politics usually is not a science able to demonstrate and verify its statements. I believe that everybody agree to call it as an art, since it depends on the ability of the person who exercises it. That art can be more or less attractive and convincing according to … Sigue leyendo WHAT IS POLITICS?

Ikea Launches a Pro-life Advertising Campaign

   Ikea announced the end of its advertising relationship in Spain with the agency SCPF. Meanwhile, the latest advertising campaign of their common history is debuting: A pro-life advertising campaign.    The campaign, entitled Opposites and composed of three spots , has begun to spread . In one of the spots (pictured ) we see a husband … Sigue leyendo Ikea Launches a Pro-life Advertising Campaign

Condoms are not the answer

   Condoms are not of sufficient strength to guarantee that they will not break. A good comparative experiment shows that 60% of condoms do not maintain global standards of safety. It was assured by an investigation conducted in the program "Strengthening consumer organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean in the process of normalization", released by … Sigue leyendo Condoms are not the answer

Some current forms of totalitarisms

Today the forms of political and social totalitarianism are shown with camouflage clothing. During the election campaigns is common to make proposals and then they aren't fulfilled. (I remember a cartoon, a politician who made a proposal in front of his audience, saying the following measure: “create 30.000 seats for childhood education”, at the same … Sigue leyendo Some current forms of totalitarisms


 "It is difficult to see how democracy, which is based on the principle of the will of the majority of the citizens, establishes the validity of principles and moral values, without being supported by the convictions of the majority, and without entering or imposing a dogmatism that is essentially strange to democracy as a form … Sigue leyendo DEMOCRACY AND MORAL PRINCIPLES